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We are focused on innovation, long-term growth opportunities, strong and sustainable competitive advantages, and exceptional management.

Investment Philosophy

Long-term growth perspective

We look beyond short-term volatility and market unpredictability, we focus on a company's growth opportunity over the next 5-10 years and seek out innovative businesses with long-term, secular growth opportunities.

Independent research

We analyse businesses with the intention of owning them for an extended period. Our research gives us a knowledge advantage to conduct a deep dive on the fundamentals of every company, which allows us to develop an informed and thorough understanding of the longer-term secular advantages of these companies.

Exceptional management

We seek to invest with managements who have integrity, a long-term vision, and whose interests are aligned with their shareholders and ours. We believe that our approach to investing not only best delivers good outcomes for our clients but it also helps to develop great companies that provide for the needs and wants of people, thereby benefiting the society as a whole.

Valuation matters

We invest in growth companies using a value-oriented purchase discipline. Our valuation criteria are based upon what we believe a business can generate over the next 5 to 10 years. We focus on the quality and high growth of the business.

Continuous risk management

We conduct rigorous risk management throughout the life of an investment and we manage risk at the individual investment and portfolio levels. We own only what we understand and we understand what we own.

StarisLand Global Investors Pte. Ltd. (UEN 202022633R)

30 Cecil Street #28-04 Prudential Tower Singapore 049712 | +65 6232 7836

Investment Research Process

Investment Research Process_220915.png

Discovering ideas:

  • We search for growth companies from the perspective of customer demand

  • We discuss our broad list of potential investment ideas on a weekly basis

Identifying targets:

From the perspectives of TAM (the potential size that the company will grow), business model and the strength of the management team. From here, we upgrade promising company ideas into our “Research Focus List”.

Independent research:

We take steps to conduct rigorous investment research which includes:

  • Business quality assessment – We believe that we should always ask the reasons behind the facts! Sustainability of the business model, value creation for the customers, management team’s leadership and corporate culture, and the company’s long term growth perspective and major risks.

  • Financial models - Forecasting the company’s revenue, profit, and cashflow over the next 5-10 years.

Evaluating companies:

Fundamental assessment (whether we can buy the company)

  • Using SGI fundamental scoring system (based on mid/long term growth, business model, management leadership and major company specific risks)

  • PM/Analyst’s quality ratings

Valuation assessment (at what price we should buy the company)

  • SGI valuation score system (based on the current price versus its long-term growth)

Operating Principles

  • We abide by the applicable laws and regulations that govern us.

  • We strive to act with skill and care and do not allow our personal interests to prejudice our clients’ and our shareholders' interests. Employee compensation is based upon the success of our clients.

  • We treat our clients and our shareholders ethically and with respect, and provide them with high quality services.

  • Professionalism is of vital importance to our business. We are proud of our hard work, and in-dept investment research of our portfolio management.

  • We insist on honesty, integrity and trust. We are open, respectful and fair in our dealings with everyone inside and outside the Company. This applies to dealings with, amongst colleagues, clients, service providers, and regulatory bodies.

  • We have a zero tolerance approach to personal trading of individual securities by our employees.

  • We respect confidential information that we receive. We maintain procedures to prevent improper or accidental disclosure to third parties or misuse of confidential information.

  • We take an integrated approach to risk management in the operation of our business and our investments.

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